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                        The official site of Australian Made

                        The mark of Aussie authenticity

                        Featured Products


                        Fashion Revolution Week showcases Australian Made producers

                        Australian clothing and accessory manufacturers will be showcasing the people and production processes behind their brands this week, as Fashion Revolution Week urges consumers to learn more about where their fashion, clothing and accessories are made.


                        The best of Australia

                        Lamb Couscous

                        This tasty dish features stacks of Australian Made and Grown goodies! Try this colourful weekend dish that looks really attractive served on a large platter in the middle of the table. It requires a few hours in the oven but is hardly any work at all.

                        Case Study

                        Wool Products Australia

                        Established 23 years ago by Founder and Managing Director Graeme Kerr, Wool Products Australia are the proud producers of ‘Woolstar’ which has grown to become one of Australian most loved woollen bedding manufacturers, producing quilts, under blankets, mattress toppers and pillows.

                        Using the Australian Made logo

                        The benefits

                        The Australian Made logo makes the 'Australian connection' instantly, clearly and with authority.

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                        For exporters

                        Let one of our partners help you export your products, or simply access our network of retailers and distributors.

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                        How much does it cost?

                        Fees go back into promoting the logo, nationwide and around the world. Calculate your fee here.

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                        Register your products

                        The certification process is quick and easy. Register now and get the Australian advantage.

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                        A marketing tool that works

                        “The green-and-gold Australian Made logo is on every one of our products, as well as our point-of-sale materials, brochures, website and exhibitions stands, because it helps us sell - everyone knows it. It gives us an edge over our overseas competitors, because it’s a certification that we have, that they can’t get. For many years we had our own ‘Aussie’ logo but it was nowhere near as effective.”

                        Andrew Moulder, Sales & Marketing Executive, Luus Industries

                        Mater Nappies Infant Size...

                        Mater Baby Products

                        Malo Crop

                        Loca Sportswear

                        Trolley Stopper

                        Trolley Stopper

                        Buzz Away Spray

                        Offspring Group


                        Austanners The Australian...

                        Pawsome Organics...

                        Pawsome Organics

                        30 Calibre Bolt Action...

                        Laser Engraving &...

                        Our partners

                        Proudly supporting Australian Made Campaign and the strength of the logo

                        The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is administered by Australian Made Campaign Limited (AMCL).

                        ABN: 20 086 641 527

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